Winter Self-Care Products for June 2022 in South Africa

There are so many advantages to making time to smell the roses (figuratively or literally) and actively nourishing your body that the cold weather shouldn’t be allowed to dampen your winter self-care. In fact, the practice is so important that the World Health Organisation has an official definition for it: the ability of individuals, families and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health, and cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a health worker.

This month, the virtual self-care box includes items to stimulate your senses and invigorate your day-to-day, while also making time for indulgent self-care sessions.

TASTE: Flavoured Rooibos Tea

With the onset of colder days, you’ll probably have been drinking more hot drinks than usual. When you’ve had your hundredth cup of Rooibos, it’s time to shake up the drinks menu. So, for your winter self-care, take time to try something new.

Today, you’ll find Rooibos infused with what seems like every ingredient on the planet. If you’re like me, you already add ginger or lemon to your Rooibos when you’re sick. But for more unusual ingredients, it’s probably best to buy the infusion ready-made.

Image by Terri Cnudde from Pixabay

Carmién Tea offers flavours such as caramel, Turkish delight and Earl Grey. I was gifted the cookies & cream offering. The aroma certainly is true to the name, and the taste is warm and sweet, with a slight resemblance to the taste of caramel.

Given the health benefits of Rooibos, it’s no wonder the tea is so popular. There’s no caffeine in the drink but plenty of antioxidants. It can help lower inflammation, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease and other illnesses. The tea has been harvested for millennia by indigenous groups like the Khoi and San in South Africa.

  • COST: R27 for 20 teabags
  • Locally-made

SPACE: Indoor Flowering Plant

Brighten up your home with a potted flowering plant. Having plants in the house has literal mental health benefits, such as improving stress levels. And since you’ll probably go outside less during the cold winter, bringing the outdoors inside is a good winter self-care practice.

Of course, you could just buy cut flowers. However, a pot plant is more affordable and lasts longer. If you don’t like the idea of soil and water creating a mess, choose a planter with a tray and cover the soil surface with fine gravel.

I’ve chosen an orchid from Woolworths. It’s lasted for weeks already and hasn’t required too much care. The flowers are bright and it’s not toxic for cats (many houseplants can be poisonous to pets so make sure to look into this if you have any animals).

  • COST: Orchids from R159,99 at Woolworths

BODY: Bath Bomb

There’s nothing like a soothing, hot bath to drive away the cold. To enhance this popular winter self-care treat, add in the sensory delight you get from a bath bomb.

The Antjie’s range of cosmetics has so many offerings, I’ve turned to the brand again. This month, try one (or more!) of their bath bombs. Depending on the effect you’d like, you can try one of five variations: lavender for relaxation; mustard for sore muscles; mint and tea tree for your feet; ginger and lime for immune support; and geranium for antioxidant aromatherapy.

  • COST: R21 from Antjie’s Online Shop, also available at Wellness Warehouse, amongst other stockists
  • Locally-made

PSYCHE: Journal

Research shows that journaling can decrease anxiety and symptoms of depression. It promotes self-awareness and emotional regulation. It can even accelerate healing from traumas to the body.

If you’re not sure how to start journalling, it’s best to use a few prompts. Psych Central has created a list of questions, categorised by the different areas of life (relationships, work, etc.).

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

To make a pretty, low-cost, locally-made journal, buy a normal exercise book and decorate it with brown paper. These notebooks are produced in South Africa, as are the brown covers I used. You can decorate with pressed flowers, stickers or photos.

  • COST: R11,90 for Glazed Ribbed Brownkraft Ready Cut Covers (10-pack) & R13,00 for A4 Nature Exercise Book at CNA
  • Locally-made

Remember: Journalling can lead you to discover uncomfortable feelings and journalling immediately after a trauma can be overwhelming. If you feel overwhelmed, please contact a psychologist. If you need immediate support, contact Life-Line (086 132 2322: Toll free-24 hours), SADAG (0800 567 567: Toll-free 8 am-8 pm), Suicide Crisis Help-Line (0800 567 567: Toll-free 8 am-8 pm/Sms Help-Line:31393), Substance Abuse Helpline (0800 121314: Toll-free 24 hours), a government ambulance (10177) or ER24 (at own cost: 084 124 or 8110).

COMMUNITY: Cook for Ladles of Love

Ladles of Love is best known for its sandwich drive but you can also donate hard-boiled eggs. Simply make as many as you’d like and take them to the nearest drop-off location. If you’re not in Cape Town, you could try contacting a local soup kitchen to do likewise.

As I understand it, in-kind food donations may not solve systemic issues but they do meet people’s immediate needs and enhance dignity. They’re also great for getting individuals involved in easy, affordable ways.

Another more systemic intervention which Ladles of Love runs is the Feed the Soil initiative. If you use Bokashi to manage your food waste, you can donate the product to the initiative to help improve soil quality in community food gardens.

  • COST: R22,99 for a 6-pack of free-range eggs at Woolworths

Happy Winter Self-Care Practice!

Self-care is about the practice, not about the products — however gorgeous or delicious they may be! Find tips for how to integrate these items into a holistic winter self-care practice in the June 2022 Guidebook which you can download below.

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