Self-Care Practice in South Africa: Products to Unwind and Give Back this August


From mood-boosting chocolate to a mesmerising colouring print, this month’s virtual self-care box is designed to carve out time for your well-being. Whether that’s a five-minute pick-me-up or a longer meditative session, these products inspire self-care practice in South Africa.

This Women’s Month, we’re spotlighting women-founded businesses and our community project is also in aid of women’s empowerment in South Africa. Because, even if we feel disheartened, disengaging is not an option for holistic self-care practice in South Africa.

TASTE: Gayleen’s Decadence Mint Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a sweet treat that also boasts health benefits. Because it activates certain parts of the brain, chocolate can improve your mood. It can also have positive effects on your joints, heart and mental alertness.

Gayleen’s Decadence has no refined sugar or dairy. The texture is a bit softer than you may be used to but the taste is still great.

  • R56, 99 at Faithful to Nature
  • Women-founded small business
  • Chocolate produced in South Africa

BODY: Flaxi Headache Compress

Buckwheat and flaxseed beanbags have been well-known in the South African market for years. They alleviate muscular pain and period cramps and are safe alternatives to a hot water bottle.

This beanbag contains flaxseed, scented with oils like lavender and basil. Its shape is designed to be pressed onto your forehead or slung around your neck. This is a tried-and-tested remedy for headaches caused by tension that I highly recommend.

  • R165 at Faithful to Nature
  • Locally-made

COMMUNITY: Simon’s Town Museum Handbag Project

This Women’s Month, the Simon’s Town Museum is holding a drive to benefit Rape Crisis Cape Town. The organisation gives handbags, filled with comfort items, to rape survivors at police stations during the initial reporting stage.

The main item called for is a new or second-hand handbag. Donations of underwear, pads, non-perishable snacks, toothbrushes and soap are also needed. You can also choose to add certain extras and a note of comfort.


These are three conscious products that can be added to the bag:

  • Biodegradable toothbrush: R54, 99 at Wellness Warehouse
  • Locally-made soap: R21,99 from Oh So Heavenly at Clicks
  • Locally-made reusable pad: R34, 99 at Clicks

SPACE: CASA Fleece Blanket

With all the sales going on, you’d think winter is well behind us. And yet, there’s more to come. Add another warm blanket to your home to beat the cold and keep stylish. Want to know where I think we should all have blankets? Inside the car! Between thin panelling and heating that clouds the windscreen, modern cars are just not built to withstand the cold.

Many fleece blankets that you find at Pick n Pay, Sheet Street, Mr Price and other mainstream retailers are very affordable and made in South Africa. It just goes to show that local doesn’t have to be pricier.

  • R129,99 at Pick n Pay
  • Locally-made

PSYCHE: Daisy Designs Soothing Patterns Colouring Pages

If you haven’t given colouring therapy a go, make August the month you try it. Colouring for adults has great mental health rewards: think improved sleep, reduced anxiety and an immediate relaxing effect.


The rhythmic patterns of this Daisy Designs collection enhance the soothing effect of colouring. This book of prints to colour in is available as a printable on Etsy so you can use them on an as-needed basis.

  • R31,50 on Etsy
  • Woman artist
  • Locally-made

Prioritise Self-Care in August

With five weeks and cold weather on the horizon, August is a long month. Make sure to set aside time each week to look after your well-being as we head towards spring.

As ever, self-care products are only useful if they are part of a practice of looking after yourself. You’ll find tips for that in the self-care guide below.

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    Jenna Solomon

    Jenna is a journalism, African studies and social development graduate. She writes about active citizenship and lifestyle in South Africa.

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