Self-Care in South Africa: Monthly Boxes of Products & Services


Self-care in South Africa may seem like a paradox but you can totally take care of your wellbeing, while supporting socio-economic development. Ease in Mzansi is about tools that enhance self-care, self-development and, ultimately, happiness. It’s about helping people reach their goals and finding pleasure in practical things that challenge and empower them.

This philosophy is reflected in the virtual self-care subscription box offering. Every month we curate a self-care box of 5+ items and /or services. Each box has a snack, a challenge, a home/office item, a body care item and various extra goodies. There is also an item that promotes community participation. All items are sourced from small businesses and/or locally made. This is how self-care in South Africa can benefit ourselves and our communities!

You can buy as many of the items as you like from the shops online or in person. It’s up to you how much you spend and on what! Download our accompanying booklet to make the most of the offering and join our community in a full month of holistic self-care.

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