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Ease in Mzansi returns in a new digital format…We're prioritising mental wellbeing in South Africa by curating self-care aids and expert-reviewed mental health resources.

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‘The Measure’: How To Live When Your Days are Numbered?

In a provocative debut, Nikki Erlick puts familiar prejudices under a fresh spotlight. The Measure was only published this June, […]


Monthly Self-Care Box

Every month we curate a self-care box of 5+ items and /or services sourced from small businesses and/or locally made. The aim is to support mental well-being in South Africa through practical resources.

You can buy as many of the items as you like from the shops online or in person. It's up to you how much you spend and on what! Download our accompanying booklet to make the most of the offering and join our community in a full month of holistic self-care.