The May 2021 Self-Care Box


Before In Mzansi, Ease was a physical business. The first self-care box was a physical one, which was delivered in the first week of May 2021. You can view the contents below, buy them at your leisure, download the guidebook and enjoy a month of self-care whenever you want.

The May 2021 box contained: a chocolate brownie from The Baker’s Delicacies; a pot plant from PotsaboutPlantsCT; a pack of The Secret Love Project stickers; S Collection tissue oil, body lotion and perfume; a Loose Sketchings postcard; tips from psychology practice Sage Therapy; a discount coupon for golden hour glo; and access to a community of self-care devotees, suggestions for self-care practice, and community activities. One lucky subscriber also found a pair of Andalusia pearl studs from klassik in their box.

Spotlighting Brands in the Box

Behind each item is a wonderful small business made up of dedicated founders and creators. Here are just some of the fabulous brands featured in this box.

S Collection

Based in Joburg, S Collection is the brainchild of Bronwyn. She creates a wide variety of affordable beauty products that have nourishing effects on the skin.

The Baker’s Delicacies

UCT student Sarah founded The Baker’s Delicacies during lockdown. She creates delicious homebaked goods, specialising in brownies and millionaires’ shortbread.

Klassik Pearls

Another student brand, Klassik Pearls is owned by Ineke from Stellenbosch. She learned about pearl jewellery from her grandmother and used the lockdown period to start making her own creations.

Guidebook to May Self-Care


Jenna Solomon

Jenna is a journalism, African studies and social development graduate. She writes about active citizenship and lifestyle in South Africa.

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