South African Self-Care Products & Services for May 2022


As we head into the fifth month of the year, your New Year’s resolutions around self-care practice may start to seem very far away. The colder weather might also make practising your good habits more difficult. If you find yourself in need of a little nudge, here is the May Self-Care Catalogue.

Once you’ve had a look at the five items spotlighted this month, download the guidebook for fun ideas on how to integrate them into a self-care practice.

TASTE: Milk Frother


Nothing elevates a cup of coffee like frothed milk. That goes for hot chocolates and tea lattes, too. The froth floating on your tongue is a simple sensory experience that easily delights.

Of course, you can get a handheld electric device or splurge on an automatic countertop one but the manual one isn’t too difficult to use. It’s also quite fun to see how your little bit of labour transforms the liquid into that delicious creamy substance. I recommend the Baccarat one from @home.

  • Cost: R249

SPACE: Beaded Fruit Pencil Cape


It’s time to brighten up your space. These pencil caps from Woza Moya are fun and bring a portable pop of colour wherever you go! You can choose between a pineapple, an apple core, a watermelon and lots more.

  • Cost: R70 per cap.
  • Locally-made

Woman Moya is the business arm of the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust. The programme empowers vulnerable individuals to learn a crafting skill and generate an income.

COMMUNITY: Ticket to the Museum

The District Six Museum. Image: Gary Bembridge via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Did you know that museumgoing has documented mental health benefits? In fact, doctors in Belgium prescribe museum visits to their patients.

May is the perfect month to explore your nearest museum since 18 May is International Museum Day. If you’re in Cape Town, the Iziko museums offer free entrance on this date. Sign up to our newsletter to receive our calendar of International Museum Day events.

  • Cost: free at Iziko on 18 May; otherwise R15-R210, depending on the museum
  • Support art, culture & heritage

PSYCHE: Laughter Yoga Session

1 May is not just Workers’ Day but also World Laughter Day. We all know how good it feels to laugh but it gets even better if we can laugh for 15 minutes or longer. That’s where Laughter Yoga comes in.

Laughter Yoga is about making laughter intentional so that we can get the benefit of releasing more endorphins.  The practice originated in the last century in India where a doctor began prescribing it to his patients with wonderful results.

It’s also completely free to try if you attend one of the Laughter Yoga International Zoom sessions. If you prefer, there are a couple of Laughter Yoga instructors in Cape Town.

  • Cost: free

BODY: Antjie’s Shower Sachet


Stuffed with Rooibos, and all the good stuff, these shower sachets smell amazing. They’re multifunctional since they can also be used as a fragrance soap and a washcloth. So even if you don’t have a bath, you can still get some pampering done in the shower.

  • Cost: R44
  • Locally-made

Happy Self-Care!

For a guide on how to use these products to benefit a self-care practice, make sure you download the little booklet below by subscribing to our newsletter:

Jenna Solomon

Jenna is a journalism, African studies and social development graduate. She writes about active citizenship and lifestyle in South Africa.

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