Cape Point Day Trip

Whether you’re visiting Cape Town or a local going on an outing, a Cape Point day trip is a fantastic experience. As with any destination, the journey is half the thing. The road to the park twists along False Bay’s many beaches and quaint neighbourhoods, making for a fantastic road trip. And when you arrive at Cape Point, there’s so much to enjoy.

Where to Stop on the Way to Cape Point

The False Bay Peninsula, with its deep ocean and curving mountainside, has a resort, Riviera feel to it. Passing retro ice cream stores, a trendy shopping district and long, flat beaches, the drive to Cape Point is the quintessential sensation of summer for me.


This famous seashore offers long walks and not-too-icy swims. Order takeaways from the restaurants along the parking lot and sit back and enjoy the view.

  • Gary’s Surf Shop has delicious pancakes and other café fare. The staff was also good about wearing masks.
  • Majestic Café is something of an institution for its seafood and soft serve.

Kalk Bay

Kalk Bay’s been thriving for some years now and you can still get a kick from strolling down the colourful main road.

  • Kalk Bay Harbour is good for a slow, after-lunch walk. It’s often frequented by seals.
  • Olympia Bakery remains popular. The Portuguese-inspired food at Beira Mar is also good.
  • There’s so much variety for shoppers here. Try the Kalk Bay Co-op for locally-made clothes.

Fish Hoek

Fish Hoek’s really about the long beach and the bustling main road’s second-hand stores.

  • Beachcomber Bistro has a full menu. The soft serve gives Majestic Cafe a run for its money. Staff were wearing masks.

Boulder’s Beach

Home of the African penguin, Boulder’s Beach is a popular tourist destination in Cape Town. But even without the penguins, it’s still an attraction

  • There’s a fee of just over R40 to enter the beach.

Simon’s Town

Old-world navy charm mingles with quirky shops in Simon’s Town.

  • The Sweetest Thing offers pretty and tasty baked goods.
  • The Simon’s Town Museum has detailed exhibits on local social and natural history.

What To Do at Cape Point


Most people go to Cape Point to stand and be photographed at the southernmost point of Africa. If you can get over the hype of that board, there is so much to explore in the reserve. In fact, if you wish, you could easily spend the entire day there.

Stroll through Splendid Scenery

The best way to enjoy the views is to walk through the landscape. Cape Point offers a number of set trails but you can also happily meander on your own, so long as you stick to the path. Make sure you head to one of the charming little beaches to dip your toes in the water!

Snack Overlooking the Ocean

The restaurant sits atop a hill that rolls smoothly into False Bay. You can sit on the terrace (very busy) or eat takeaways in the quieter courtyard. The views across the Bay are spectacular from both vantage points. The food is standard (pizza, wraps, salads…). Watch out for the charismatic, insistent birds looking to share a bite.


  • Hours: 7am-5pm (make sure to check the signpost at the gate for the day’s specific hours)
  • Cost: R90 for South African adults with ID cards

Jenna Solomon

Jenna is a journalism, African studies and social development graduate. She writes about active citizenship and lifestyle in South Africa.

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