About Us


About Us

Access Mental Health aims to broaden access to mental healthcare in South Africa by mapping all practitioners in the sector who offer sliding scale pricing. Our first map, of healthcare providers in Cape Town, is live now.

The project was started by Jenna Solomon in 2023 as part of a MA Global Media & Communication course. 


Our vision is a South Africa where everyone is able to access the mental healthcare they need, in the language they speak and at the price they can comfortably afford.


To create online maps showing mental healthcare providers who offer sliding scale pricing and to promote the prevalence of sliding scale pricing strategies amongst professionals.


What is sliding scale pricing?

Sliding scale pricing means that the cost of sessions varies depending on your income. Simply put, session fees are lower for people who earn less. 

Who qualifies for sliding scale sessions?

This is determined by each individual mental health practitioner. One very common discount is that which is given to students. Practitioners may also take into consideration the number of dependents you have or how much of your income is disposable (ie. the amount of money you have left after covering essentials).

Bear in mind that healthcare professionals have to cover their practice costs so there is often a limit to how many patients they can see at a reduced fee.

How much do sliding scale sessions cost?

Mental healthcare professionals also determine the discounts they offer. In 2023, the medical aid rates for psychology sessions range between R1114.30 and R1327.20. Some healthcare professionals offer sliding scale reductions of up to 50% but this can vary.